Hi there! My name is James Maddux, and I’m currently studying to become an electrical engineer! This blog is set up to document my personal experiences as a student as well as an electronics hobbyist, and also serve as a portfolio for any expertise I might develop.

I completed my Associate’s of Science in Electrical Engineering at the end of Summer 2014, and plan on finishing a Bachelor’s degree at a four-year university here in Oklahoma. I did talk about that experience a bit on the former domain of this blog (0toEE.wordpress.com), but that was pretty sparse, so I may rehash my experiences regarding that.

And with work, I’ve been in the medical lab for almost three years, and have been a technician histology laboratory for over half of that time. In the interest of professionalism, I will avoid talking about my place of employment on the blog. If you would like to network on LinkedIn, however, I do have a good overview of my work experience on there!

As far as contact goes, I can be reached on twitter with the username PragMaddux, via email at PragMaddux@gmail.com, or simply by comment on this blog. Thank you for stopping by!

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