Getting better at MS Excel (and maybe Access too)

In one of my physics lab classes, my group had a geology major who was, self-admittedly, outside his element. The information wasn’t very relevant to him, and he wouldn’t be struggling for that C if his transfer university didn’t require that specific course. Despite this, he contributed to our lab write-ups in a big way: he worked miracles in Excel. Because of this, we were able to quickly work through the lab while he typed up our data, graphed it and made it attractive and readable…and if we gave him the formulas, he would even have our calculations complete!

Spreadsheets are one of those things that should probably be a class on its own, especially if you will be working in an office setting. At my current job in clinical trials, we use spreadsheets for everything, and I’m sure that it will be all over my engineering career, too. It’s actually a fairly good way to spend extra time at work, on those slower days, because you can probably use that skill for your job in the very near future (and it looks like you’re actually doing regular work, as an added bonus.)

So I’m looking at working through some tutorials and/or books, which I luckily have access to through my workplace. I’m probably a little more excited that I should be about getting a better grasp on Excel, but it will be useful. There’s also some elements of VBA scripting and some crossover into using MS Access, too, so I’m looking forward to being able to work with data in a much more friendly manner.

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