Rehashing the ol’ Engineering Math

This is the K.A. Stroud book on engineering mathematics that I'm studying to catch up!

This is the K.A. Stroud book on engineering mathematics that I’m studying to catch up!

So here’s what I’ve been working through recently, as I prepare to return to school for the last couple years of my degree. I picked up the Engineering Mathematics book by K. A. Stroud at Barnes and Noble about a month ago, and it’s incredibly comprehensive. I feel like I am going back through those classes, and I’m enjoying it.

There’s something soothing about rehashing everything you learned in those early math classes. It’s not quite like unexpectedly running into an old friend, but it’s close. While most of the info has been somewhat forgotten, it’s still there, waiting for you to blow the dust off its cover. Now I realize that for me, the math is only a couple years in storage, and for others it may be decades. But at least it’s nice to have a book on the shelf to rehash things like how to find the slope of a tangent at any point (you know, besides breaking out the ruler and graph paper). So far, this book seems fill that role.

I’ll be writing an update when I finally finish my review. Also worth mentioning, I am using the 6th edition, but I linked to the 7th instead, because if you feel so motivated as to buy it, the new edition is strangely cheaper!

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