Bench Update: Tektronix PS280 DC Power Supply


Here is the first of a few updates to my bench setup! Most of the things I will be posting in the near future were acquired at a liquidation auction of a now-defunct company called Combotronics, an now-defunct electrical repair facility in Inola, Oklahoma. It’s unfortunate that they closed, but I was able to pick up some nice stuff for the benchtop, as well as some curiosities.

So here we start with the PS280 DC power supply by Tektronix. From the website we’ve got these features:

Triple Output
One Fixed 5 V, 3 A Supply
Two Variable Outputs, 0 to 30 V, 2 A
Digital LED Output Indicator
Variable Current Limiting
Selectable Independent Tracking Mode
Dual Tracking, Variable 0 to 30 V, 2.0 A

Well, that 5V fixed supply is pretty cool! I’ll definitely be putting that to good use. I am going to need to make sure it’s outputting to spec, but that’s pretty exciting. I might give a video run-down of this thing in the future.

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