is now mine!


Alright, pardon me if I seem a little too excited about this. Registering a domain and putting together a website is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I finally bit the bullet on choosing a name and seeding the online persona that will hopefully be representative of everything I have accomplished so far.

I’ll be updating the “About Me” page in a moment here (which is still set on default…yikes) and then figuring out some way to get back into twitter (under the username PragMaddux, of course!) and integrating that into my site. Ideally, there will also be a convenient way to work with LinkedIn…at least a sidebar widget, right?

In case it isn’t obvious, PragMaddux is a terrible pun between the word “pragmatic” and my last name, Maddux. I figured that if I were going to register something as a personal blog, I would probably want it to be something unique, short, and personal to my name. It was going to be “ProblemMaddux”, but that isn’t quite as positive a word, and the M’s might get merged and misdirect people. So, PragMaddux it is! 

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