I wanted to write a post about  some podcasts that I’ve picked up on. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a couple months now, and I’ve been able to learn lots of different things about the processes in the engineering field as well as the roles played by different engineers.
By far, the best one for those in Electrical Engineering is the Amp Hour podcast. It’s hosted by Dave Jones of the EEVblog (another great resource) and Chris Gammell of Contextual Electronics, which hosts a class I want to check out more. They interview a lot of very interesting people who share their experiences regarding the process, and also about getting hired and working for different companies. I actually jumped in on a Kickstarter after hearing their interview with the creator of the very successful Microview, Marcus Schappi.
Another one I’ve enjoyed is hosted by Elecia White, who wrote an O’Reilly book on Embedded Systems. I first heard of her on the Amp Hour podcast, when Dave and Chris interviewed her. Her podcast is now called “Embedded “, after its name was recently changed. She finds a lot of great, interesting people to interview as well. And when I say that these two podcasts interview interesting people, I mean ones who have worked for places from toy companies to wearable hardware!
Those are the only two podcasts that are really relevant to this blog, but there are a few more that I enjoy. Most of them actually come from NPR, like The Moth, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and the TED Radio Hour. There’s also eBay Scavengers, who I’ve been listening to because they are running a business on eBay and are very open on what has worked for them. The Art of Manliness has a really inspiring interview every now and then. and finally, I listen to This Week in Tech often, although sometimes it seems to run for a little too long, with really annoying ads.
And that’s that! I also use iCatcher on my iPhone, which works pretty well.

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