State of the Blog Thing

First of all, I plan on changing the name. While I haven’t forwarded it to anyone or mentioned it anywhere, it has occurred to me that the name “0 to EE” could also be mistyped as “zero 2 E E”, or “02EE”, or pretty much anything. Possibly even as a hex number! So that’s got to go.
Speaking of which, just what how an EE pronouce that acronym? I’ve been listening to the AmpHour podcast, and Dave and Chris have both pronounced it “double-E”, and that does sound much better than just the double-vowel pronounciation. I probably need to hang out with more engineering people to understand that. That will probably be a seperate post, where I can also talk about how acronyms are pronounced in this context. 
Secondly, I think it’s time to post.
I know that this is the fate of millions of blogs, that the author gets started, posts a couple great things, and then completely halts their production. For me, I’m pretty determined to get at least some kind of web presence out there.
To get that presence, I’m probably also going to be getting some action in on LinkedIn, which is really looking like a great place for students to get involved. Someone I know got a cold call from Google, in fact, and was interviewed for a position without having to apply for it! I will also be opening up a devoted twitter account, and learning how to unshun that community…it’s terrible to be learning that so late, but hey, you have to admit that the hashtag thing is really annoying.
But mostly, I’m going to blog…a lot. The goal will be one post a day, maybe more. I’m thinking of doing a “100-day challenge”, that will end with the beginning of my fall semester at OSU-Tulsa. 
I will continue the intended focus of this blog, which is to link fellow students and future colleagues to all the great resources that are available for EE majors and professionals. These will be things like online communities, other blogs, podcasts(which I’ve grown addicted to), and different online references. I’ll also hopefully be covering some local stuff, at least with the IEEE chapter here.
So that’s that! Here we go. 

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